Authentic Parisian crepes in Edmonton

I was born in Paris, and grew up in Provence, southern France. My university training as a wildlife biologist gave me the opportunity to come to Canada where I initially worked for the University of Alberta as a wolf biologist. I left the mountain life for family reasons, and after a decade in the non-profit sector with Alliance française of Edmonton, I wanted to start something new, something fresh… something I love!

As far as I can remember, I have memories of baking crepes: when I was 5 years old, with my grandmother in Paris, when she shared her secret recipe… Or a couple years later, with my brother, when we were practicing at flipping our crepe one and a half turn in our pan! (some of them flew very high and never made their way back in our pan…).
At every step of my life, I’ve had friends coming to my place for a crepe night, and I always took pride in creating the best possible experience to see the smile on their face when they taste my creations.

Since it is so hard in Edmonton to find a place offering real crepes, I’ve decided to take this matter into hands: starting at Bountiful Farmers Market in July 2020, I’m hoping to expand very soon to other markets or food courts.


Anthony BERTRAND - Owner

Gourmande Chocolat.jpeg

I picked up 25 crepes and 4 sauces for my birthday at the Bountiful Market. My friends were delighted by the experience, the taste and consistency of the crepes, the sauces were amazing. Anthony, the owner, is from France and knows how to make really excellent Crepes.

— Hector, customer

Gourmande framboise.JPG

“I had to pause mid-bite and come out of Insta-retirement for this: this is easily the best crepe I've ever had.”

— Dustin, customer

“I got the Gourmande, with the homemade lemon curd paired with the raspberry coulis:

that harmony of tartness and sweetness is just heavenly.”

— Instagram feedback